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Name: Ginji
Fandom: Tales of the Abyss
Gender: Male
Age: 20 (unofficial; age not given)
Time Period: Eldrant; after separating from the party
Wing Color: Blue (to match his jacket collar)
History: (Italics are headcanon/suppositions.)

Ginji grew up in Sheridan, the City of Craftsman and an ocean port city at the eastern edge of Radessia, a desert/plateau range that takes forever to load on the world map. The continent is home to one of the world's Sephiroth (ten pillars that hold up the land) as well as Nam Cobanda Isle, the hideout of the Dark Wings (aka Black Dream), and a whole bunch of monsters. Though Sheridan's part of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, it attracts artisans from all over and is responsible for much, if not all, of the world's vehicle-building needs. Thanks to the surrounding plateaus, there's no shortage in raw materials for projects large or small, and there are many of them going on, but the project that's got all the fon machine buffs excited is the Albiore. The project is run by Class M which consists of three overly active seniors by the names of Iemon (the ringleader), Aston (his partner), and Tamara (their assistant). They're absolutely unrivaled as far as fontech goes. (Unless you count that pesky Class I over in Belkend, but be assured they don't.) Anyway, Iemon's the city representative and just so happens to be Ginji's grandfather.

Ginji's been helping the senior brigade out since he was young. At one point or another Iemon and the others start working on plans for a flying machine and Ginji is bitten by the bug. Thus Ginji throws himself enthusiastically into his chores and the Albiore project, begins talking about it frequently at home, and even manages to get his little sister, Noelle, excited about it. Both Ginji and Noelle undergo flight training (nevermind that airships are completely new to Auldrant - at least since the Dawn Age), and double as their own mechanics. The youngsters also tend to be the voices of reason while the seniors argue over technical details.

Anyway, so Luke fon Fabre and his companions wander over to Sheridan as all good JRPs go because they heard about the city's flight experiments and need some way to save the people of St. Binah which is in the process of sinking into the Qliphoth (the realm that exists below the land). See, the Order of Lorelei (the world's religious organization and neutral peacekeepers) excavated these Dawn Age hover drives a little while ago, and Fon Master Ion gave Sheridan the stamp of approval to begin those experiments in the first place; Ion also happens to be traveling with the party.

And they're in luck - at least one of the flying machines is operational. It just so happens that Ginji is out taking the Albiore on a test flight and everyone's talking about it. Unfortunately, thanks to the high winds, it crashes onto a narrow rock ledge ready to fall any minute. Because all the soldiers are busy preparing for war, the members of Team Luke offer to save the hover drive - uh, rather to save Iemon's grandson - themselves, head off into the Megiorra Highlands and split up so they can secure launchers to both sides of the craft. It is actually possible for Ginji to plummet to his doom before the teams can reach him, but since that'd serve absolutely no purpose in an application and cause some conflicting timeline issues, the group manages to secure the Albiore and retrieve both Ginji and the hover drive unharmed.

They return to Sheridan where the Albiore II is ready to accept the retrieved hover drive thanks to some borrowed parts from the Tartarus which is now out of commission. Ginji runs ahead to deliver it. However, Kimlascan soldiers attack because hey it's war time and why is a Malkuth soldier like Jade Curtiss hanging out in Sheridan, but the party manages to get to the aircraft dock in time and they, along with Noelle, speed off to try to save St. Binah.

Meanwhile the folks of Sheridan are working to start up the second excavated hover drive, and after recovering from his near-death experience, it's assumed that Ginji helps by lending a hand and keeping his grandfather in check.

So anyway, time passes. Not much time, but some. You see, stuff's been happening and it turns out that the party wants to figure out a way to stabilize the vibrations in the planet's core or else bad things will happen. (Such as the miasma coming back and the Outer Lands they've so carefully lowered sinking into the Qliphoth's toxic sludge.) Thanks to a forbidden text and Jade's genius, the group thinks they might have some ideas on how to make this work. They've already gotten Class I to sneak around behind Dist's back and make them a measuring device. But now the more involved phase of the plan begins and they'll need builders. That someone turns out to be not Class M, not Class I, but a collaborative effort between the two rivaling groups of scientists. Class M will modify the now defunct Tartarus so that it will function again, initiating a fonic glyph so it'll be able to sustain the pressure in the core. Class I will create a calculation device to act as a neutralizer and they'll use the Albiore II to escape. Sounds good, right?

Well, because Spinoza is a sneaky man who's been assisting Van here and there ever since some plot-important fomicry experiments occurred, he tells Van about the two groups' plans. Van's not pleased at all, and he sends Legretta and her soldiers ahead to deal with the people of Sheridan. Of course Class M isn't going down without a fight; they stand up against Legretta with their own weapons (Tamara's cool flamethrower!) and skills while Luke and the others make a break for it. The party reaches the port where the Albiore II's been loaded onto the Tartarus, but man is it foggy. Actually Hencken, Cathy, and Aston are working some fontech sleeping gas to keep the soldiers from stealing the Tartarus. They try to hurry the party along, but then Van shows up himself with Spinoza in tow. A battle ensues, the party retreats, and of the senior brigade, only Aston and Spinoza will survive the ordeal.

So where's Ginji during this whole ordeal? Good question! And unfortunately it involves another timeline conflict. In the anime he's off testing the Albiore III, but since in the video game it hasn't exactly been built yet (...), Ginji may have been busy helping out with preparations when the massacre began. Iemon and/or the others yelled at him to leave the worst of it to them, though in the ensuing chaos, likely got shuffled around and did what he could to help fight off the Oracle Knights. Afterwards it would be up to him to take care of Aston while he recovered from his injuries.

To keep himself busy, Aston begins work on another project, a third aircraft - the Albiore III, with the help of Ginji and the other surviving workers. It is hijacked by Spinoza while Aston's taking it out on a test flight in the Megiorra Highlands, but soon crashes (deja vu). It seems Spinoza will no longer be working for Van. After repairs, Aston flies the Albiore III back to Sheridan while the group ultimately makes for the remaining Sephiroth in Mt. Roneal.

Sometime hereabouts (the various incarnations of the series are in conflict but the principal remains the same) Noir informs Asch of something very interesting: rumor has it there's another airship in the works back in Sheridan and she thinks it'd be really convenient for keeping tabs on the party and staying a step ahead of Van. Bottom line: they also need it to reach the Radiation Gate. So Team Asch heads on over and negotiates use of the Albiore III.

And because you saved Ginji earlier... (You did, right?) He's on board as their pilot. After everything that's happened to Sheridan, it's really the least he can do to help out. And besides, the poor guy hasn't exactly done a lot of flying between his crash in the Megiorra Highlands and the time it would have taken for them to build the third Albiore. He's definitely ready to hit the skies!

So there's not a lot of solid information about Ginji's flight time, but we can get some ideas. One thing we do know for a fact is Asch is still injured - he was bleeding back in Keterburg as Luke was nice enough to point out, so there's that to deal with. In the manga Ginji and the Dark Wings actually bandage Asch up and put him to bed and Ginji can be seen walking into the room with a bowl of warm water and a towel. Also according to the Dark Wings, Asch "drones on and on" (they know Luke is a replica, for example, and they've also heard Asch ranting about having no time left), so it's pretty safe to assume Ginji's privy to at least some of this information, though among the four employees, they don't understand everything.

Given how much ground Asch and the Dark Wings manage to cover, a good portion of it would be spent flying, and unlike the others who could sleep whenever they wanted, Ginji would only be able to get some solid shuteye worked in after the Albiore's parked somewhere. (Remember Ginji wouldn't let Asch fly the Albiore on his own.) Besides sleeping, Ginji's also in charge of maintenance and repair since he's the only one around who's capable. He may also be in charge of buying at least some of the group's supplies since the Dark Wings are off gathering information and Asch is running around doing stuff the rest. But Ginji really doesn't seem to mind. And the only way that's possible is if you enjoy what you're doing and get along all right with your traveling companions.

Anyway, the party manages to take out Van at the Absorption Gate, and Luke and Asch work together to finish safely lowering the lands. Everything finally calms down for a while, right? Wrong! Asch has been investigating matters ever since Van's supposed death and that cryptic message from Lorelei, and at one point or another he calls on the Dark Wings and Ginji again. Asch wants to go to Yulia City to speak with Governor Teodoro. And so once again Ginji switches gears back into being a pilot for hire. It's unclear whether Ginji returned to Sheridan for a break or not, but we know he stopped by for repairs at least once before Luke takes a ferry over to Sheridan himself.

So yeah all kinds of crazy stuff goes down. There's an invasion of replicas, Van and the other God-Generals turn out to be alive, the miasma's back, and about stabilizing the core? Yeah that's not working so well anymore, and all that effort from before may not be able to withstand the shaking. And then there's this crazy idea that if someone used a big enough hyperresonance and sacrificed ten thousand seventh fonists (or replicas), the miasma could be obliterated. Asch hears about this and after a lot of back and forth drama about who's going to sacrifice himself, orders Ginji to take him to the Tower of Rem where the hyperresonance will take place.

When Team Luke arrives at the tower, they find Ginji working on the Albiore III. He admits that he's concerned about Asch's well-being, and even Noir asks the group to stop him. (I'm guessing someone withheld a few "minor" details from Ginji, otherwise he'd probably be just a little more frantic...) So while the party deals with the mess going on inside, Ginji along with Noelle and the Dark Wings set up a barricade to prevent more replicas from entering the tower.

Asch heads back out of the tower sometime later (and amazingly in one piece), and they're off again. With the only known remaining stops being at the Absorption Gate and Grand Chokmah.

The final showdown with Van is eminent. Though Asch has sent the Dark Wings on their way, Ginji remains adamant that Asch needs a pilot to fly the Albiore III for him, and in one way or another Asch goes along with it - and it's probably a good thing too. Eldrant is equipped with anti-aircraft fire and both Albiores are engaged in a high-speed ballet with the giant hunk of land. Ginji decides to take the Albiore III further in, and in a desperate and perhaps crazy move, rams one of the canons with the wing of the aircraft and manages to crash through. The aircraft itself is totaled, and Ginji's definitely not in the best condition, but fortunately his passenger is safe. Asch walks off largely unscathed and Ginji finally manages to limp out of the aircraft. He is discovered by Noelle and the others, who've taken advantage of the opening created by the Albiore III. Guy asks Noelle to stay with him and for the two to leave on the Albiore II at the first sign of trouble. A sign which will come all too soon...


What we can gather at first glance is that Ginji's pretty easy-going, polite, and level-headed even in life-and-death situations. He could have easily panicked in the Megiorra Highlands, but instead he stayed where he was and let everyone do what they had to do - and then thanked them for saving his life. This is a testament of trust and faith in people.

Despite his rather eccentric grandfather, Ginji makes an effort to be nice to just about everyone and sometimes gets caught playing mediator. Even so, he and Noelle seem to know when to stand back and just let them go at it - they seem to be very used to such quarrels.

When Ginji talks he can be rather expressive - in a few scenes he's shown using hand gestures or making a thumbing motion towards the subject of the conversation.

He's reliable and honest - possibly to a fault. A good example is when he responds to Noir's comment about them only working for money. Though he had good intentions, and was only trying to point out how much they're being relied upon, he accidentally reveals that the trio are members of the Dark Wings in the process. While Ginji has no ulterior motives, he may not be the best person to confess your deepest, darkest secrets to unless you're prepared to make yourself very clear about keeping it quiet. Ginji just doesn't seem the type to lie unless given a really good reason, especially if he thinks the other party would benefit from knowing the truth.

Being an older brother and grandson to the stubborn city representative, Ginji seems fairly in-tune with how people are feeling and when they're pushing themselves too much, and he worries for them if not for himself. Canonically (at least in the anime), we can see some proof of this when he confesses to Luke and the others that he's concerned about Asch (who, as we all know, has an exhausting habit of running off to do stuff without much thought to his physical condition).

It may also seem like Ginji's reckless. He has shown several times that he's quite willing to take risks - because in life how often are risks completely unavoidable? Probably the biggest example of this is when he rammed the Albiore III into one of Eldrant's interceptor cannons to create an opening in the anti-aircraft fire. The result was the Albiore with him and Asch crashing into and through the mass of land - successfully getting Asch where he needed to go and creating an opening for Noelle and the others to take advantage of. He was also the one originally taking the Albiore for a test spin, and even if it is for the sake of science, anyone happily piloting a plane has got to have some sense of daring and adventure.

Out of necessity, Ginji can probably sleep through just about anything as long as he's tired enough, and pulling an all-nighter would be a familiar feat thanks to the nature of bigger projects. It's also feasible Ginji dislikes situations that are too quiet, since I imagine there's always lots of people chattering and lots of mechanical noises in Sheridan. He likes interacting with people and prefers to be in their presence. Though he keeps a neat cockpit, Ginji doesn't mind getting dirty, and it's to be expected. There's all sorts of grease and grime where machines are concerned, and it's a wonder he keeps that cravat of his a crisp white. Also purely headcanon - I imagine his knowledge of animals and monsters is lacking. I don't remember many critters inside Sheridan and except for the inevitable monster attack (in which case it's more about getting it out of the city) and Star, Ginji probably doesn't interact with them too much. After all, animals and machines don't really mix too well.

Ginji's most obvious strength is probably his knowledge of fon machines and his ability to pilot the Albiore(s). He's not a genius by any means, but he's clocked plenty of hours in the air as well as running tests and doing maintenance on the aircraft. Ginji's been around craftsman all his life and not just the Albiores either. Sheridan's got a wide array of industries and experiments going for it (large transportation craft, weaponry, capacity cores and smaller inventions among others) and it's possible that Ginji's dabbled a little in any of them or at least knows people who have.

Like the other members of Class M, Ginji has good improvisational skills and can make decisions speedily and in stressful situations, a vital skill when it comes to maneuvering the Albiore III. Ginji's never shown panicking while flying, and he manages to walk away from not one but two crashes. He's also capable of cooperating with others and using what's available in creative ways. For example: in the anime Ginji, Noelle, and the Dark Wings managed to cobble together materials to use as a barrier to keep the replicas from entering the Tower of Rem. His maneuvering at Eldrant was thanks to some quick thinking, too. Apparently the breaks between anti-aircraft barrages only lasted approximately fifteen seconds, and yet Ginji succeeded in locating the interceptor system's blind spot, flying in, and taking out one of the cannons.

Machines aside, he's also pretty good with people. Ginji genuinely seems to care for those around him. Not only do he and Noelle have to look after a very stubborn grandfather and his friends, but Ginji seems to get along all right with Asch (who pretty much shrugs people off most of the time) and the Dark Wings. Even though he has been seen growing exasperated with his elders, Ginji is never shown complaining about anyone. Rather, their eccentricities have most likely contributed to him being able to accept all sorts of people despite their unusual quirks.

Ginji is not a fighter, he's a civilian, and in some cases this has likely made him a liability. He lacks the ability to control fonons and possesses no special powers, so if there was an attack, there'd honestly be very little that Ginji could do on his own. (Sheridan had soldiers for a reason, after all.)

Being an honest sort of person, Ginji's no good at sneaking around or using underhanded methods to achieve things. On one occasion he even blurts out the Dark Wings' true identities without immediately realizing it. He's the type who puts a great deal of faith in people, but with that, Ginji's also probably the type who'd accept a person's words at face value, even if that person were lying (if he didn't know better).

Ginji is kind of reckless. Usually it's for the sake of the greater good or to help someone else, but occasionally the boy's daring does exceed healthy limits. Jade himself even comments on Eldrant with a "that's insane..." Either way, it seems to be in his blood. He'll seriously do just about whatever he can to support his friends, even at his own expense. It's admirable enough on the surface, but it's also kind of bad depending on how much you're willing to believe he "only got knocked around a little." Ginji seems to prioritize everyone else's needs ahead of his own, so sometimes he's the one stuck taking the beating.

It's also very unlikely that Ginji would know much of anything about formal gatherings or politics and would feel out-of-place in a rigid environment.


First Person: [Voice]
Morning everyone. For those I haven't had the chance to meet yet, I'm Ginji. I just wanted to say 'thank you' for looking after my sister and me. We're grateful for all your help.

[A thoughtful pause.] So I've been thinking, are there any other craftsmen or engineers in Luceti? Pilots? My friends said you all come from different worlds, and I was hoping some of you might be willing to compare notes. I figure if our worlds are different, then their technologies must be too. We could learn a lot.

Oh! And before I forget. Are there any shops in town that sell tools? Ours didn't make it here with us. I'll still need to sketch it out, so the basics should be fine for now.

Third Person:
"It looks like we're going to have nice weather again today," the silver-haired pilot commented mildly as he shifted his hold on a paper bag full of groceries. Ginji tilted his head as far back as it would go.

"Cold, but nice." He added as an afterthought. Thousands of miles above him, the sky lay stretched out like a vast painting. He could still reach out a hand to touch it, or feel the breeze tug at his clothing, but it wasn't the same thing; it wasn't flying. He'd been knocked out of the air twice in only a matter of months, but if given the opportunity, he'd rush off to his machine and be back up there again before anyone could protest. There were so many opportunities up in the sky.

And that didn't even account for the things he'd seen or the things he was seeing now. Ginji had accepted Luceti, but it still baffled him. How had they all gotten here in the first place and what were they wanted for? Most of all, why were they now tied to wings that couldn't even generate enough thrust or lift to sustain a person in flight? It was a sad thought, but somehow Ginji didn't believe the Malnosso had ever intended for the wings to grant freedom.

Ginji continued to walk along quietly as he mulled over the turn of events. What should he be doing now? There was little question in Ginji's mind that he wanted to help his friends; the problem was how. He couldn't escort them anywhere without a means of transportation, and there didn't seem to be any facilities or suppliers around that could handle large construction. But there had to be something else he hadn't thought of yet. After all, he couldn't just hang around doing nothing.

And that's when he saw it. Ginji gestured ahead with one arm, "Hey. Do you know anything about that?"

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