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Appointments Post

Need Ginji for something? That's what this post is for!

(For continuity purposes, please include the date and type of the interaction in the subject line. Something like 01/01 [Action] or whatever. Back-dating and forward-dating are both perfectly fine! If you just want to plot things, you can reply here, PM me, or contact me directly.)

**You do not need to ask in advance to use this post. Spontaneous threads are cool with me.
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I hope this is okay aoerhgoaethg

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[Continuing from here

She gives him a questioning look]
Cheagles? [She'll be asking you about that later Ginji, so be ready. For now, she gives their--or rather her--options some thought]

Inside of buildings seem to be the safest place, they don't follow me in there. The only problem is that they prevent me from getting inside.
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yaaaaaaaaaaay 8DDDD

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Like a rabbit? [Tilting her head a bit]

My building is more than likely the best place for me to go.