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Second Crash [Action]

[It's early morning, and Ginji's got the window thrown wide open and a warm jacket tossed on over his pajamas. No cold and no snow is going to stop him! He's been trying out the present he got from Luke, but his bedroom just isn't big enough - not with all the shelves and charts he's begun to accumulate. So Ginji props his elbows on the sill, working the controls as a small toy helicopter sails up and out over the lawn in its first proper test flight.]

[This is all still pretty new to him and he hasn't gotten the hang of it just yet. Two switches and a few buttons are far different from a full-sized panel, control column, and stick. There aren't even any pedals to work with, so steering is a bit of a challenge, too. And then there's the design: it's got an unusual sort of rotor coming out of the top, and skids instead of retractable landing gear. But toy or no toy, Ginji is determined to figure out how it all works! Maybe he can even build some of his own and start a miniature fleet.]

[Unfortunately, the weather isn't on his side. He'll ease one of the switches backward and the helicopter will hover higher, rocking in the winter wind, before starting to lose altitude. Uh oh.]

Ah...! She stalled.

[[OOC: P.S. If you're walking nearby, please beware of crashing incoming aircraft.]]
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[Sup Broji. So. Ion was just taking a nice walk walk around the village, minding his own business. He was going a little slower than usual because of all the snow, but he'd been spending more than enough time cooped up inside lately, so he wasn't about to let that stop him!]

[So, here we are. Walking, walking, nothing bad is happening--]
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[...what's that weird noise?]
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[Looking up and--]
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[Okay, seriously. What was that and why did it just hit him in the face? Because that hurt and was so not cool.]

[At least whatever it is doesn't seem broken... since, you know, his face broke the impact.]

W-What just...

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[Hiccup is out for a stroll with his dragon pal Toothless right along side him when--]

...What the--?


Toothless manages to knock him out of the way before the helicopter can hit him, but he still gets a face full of snow as result.]
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[Toothless regards Ginji with a deadpan scowl--he is not amused. He won't eat you, but how would you like a fireball in your roof?

But before he does anything, Hiccup pushes himself back up again and glances between the crash-landed copter and the guy hanging out of the window.]

N-no! That's--uh, alright. Don't worry about it. Is this yours? [It's...kind of super cool, actually. :|a]

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[Okay, so the last thing Otonashi was expecting on his stroll around the village was a helicopter falling from the sky and hitting him right in the face. So when it does... wow that is quite a surprise and damn did that hurt or what.]

What the fu-- W-where did that come from?!
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[That just makes for an even more epic adventure for the helicopter! But ow. Paaaaain. It was a direct hit.. Otonashi looks over in Ginji's direction, rubbing his head.]

Oh. [..Sounds like it was an accident, then.] It's alright! That just... Damn that hurt...

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aaaand here comes another

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[--and now Ginji will have threaded with all of my characters..?!

LUCKILY FOR ATSURO he doesn't get hit in the face by the helicopter. He was able to catch a quick glimpse of it before it hit him, so he moved out of the way juuuust in time. That's not to say that it didn't catch him off guard regardless though, 'cause, well... tripping while dodging that thing, brb.]

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[nono it's a good thing! fgkasfsakhska

After Atsuro hits the ground and when he sits back up, he just watches as the helicopter flies away and lands on the snow pile. He then looks over at Ginji when he speaks up.]

Huh? O-oh... It's fine! I got away in time, anyway. [At least the snow cushioned his fall too.]

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[Walking around, minding his own business, SUDDENLY HELICOPTER.

James blinks at the rapidly approaching aircraft before snagging it out of the air before it can run into his face.]

...That could of hurt.

[Let's find your owner, little helicopter.]

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[Excellent reflexes hone by having a violent younger sister.

James spots the young man waving from a nearby window and walks on over.]

No harm done. First time flying one?


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[It just so happens that one particular person would be walking by at this moment. Dist was looking for a quiet place to read up on some engineering texts he just got from the library - something he hopes would help a little when he tried to take apart and fix up the old radio Ion gifted him with. His nose was already pressed into it, until the quiet buzzing catches his attention.

Dist looks up curiously, just in time to see the small aircraft do a nosedive and collide squarely with his head.]


[Holding his face. H-His beautiful face...!]


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[Dist snarls, rubbing his face angrily. So help him if he was bleeding...! A sharp glare is aimed in Ginji's direction before he barks out in a heightened, snappy tone.]

Of course I'm hurt, you imbecile! I'm not dying, but you need to be more careful where you putter about your bothersome contraptions! [He fumes, then looks down at just what the hell hit him, and...huh. Odd. It looks like a machine. A very strange little machine. Dist picks it up with a profound delicacy, dusting off the snow and looking it over with interest.] ...What is this?


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Keywords sort of relevant.|D

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[Noelle is heading out, list in hand of a few groceries and things. Maybe try to see if she can find something to bring to the Auldrant gathering at Neprhy's house. Snow's a little bit thick, still, but she's trucking her way through it when-

Oh wait she recognizes that voice, turning to look and- ghalksdfjklsdfs...

Well thankfully living in a town of inventors means she's had to dodge a few unexpectedly flying things over the years. However the snow's still thick and hard to move in quickly, meaning dodging does involve falling backwards onto it.

... that was a close one.]
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[Thankfully the snow cushioned her fall, so it isn't long before she's able to sit up, brushing snow from her shoulders and checking the list to make sure it hadn't gotten soaked or anything. That being done, she looks up and returns the wave.]

It's fine. [Her head follows in the direction the helicopter had been flying in, until she eventually spots it on the ground several feet away. She smiles a little bemusedly]

Trying it out?