broji: (stylish goggles are now headcanon)
Ginji Niecks ([personal profile] broji) wrote2012-04-09 10:20 am

Fourth Crash [Action/Voice]

[Sawing metal, hammering it into the proper shape, and then welding it together has become second nature, and the work here is actually more pleasant than the long hours spent installing rivets and checking plugs in Sheridan's overheated hangar. But these days Ginji is working on something very different as a side project. One might find him seated on a bench, deeply focused as he strings together a series of tubes. Or one might hear a tinkling metallic sound from a little ways off as Ginji checks to be sure his current work is properly balanced.]

Hey. I was wondering if anyone has any old or broken appliances and furniture they were thinking about getting rid of? That you don't mind being taken apart and scrapped, I mean. You won't even have to haul it away.

See, I've been working on wind chimes for the Starfish Festival, and I think I could get some more done in time - the only problem is I'm almost out of scrap metal.

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