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[OOC] Headcanon Post of Doom.

Age: 20 21; has a young face
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 146 lbs.
Hair Color: gray/silver
*it is in fact a very muted yellow/brown color ("grain brown" with shadows in "squirrel")
Eye Color: pale brown
Voice: [Japanese] Ooki Sugiyama (anime), Osamu Hosoi (video game?); [English] Unknown (My head-voice is Kyle Hebert)

  • Iemon is Ginji's paternal grandfather. Ginji's father works at the port with ship maintenance/loading cargo, his mother is a seamstress and the only one in the family who isn't really into crazy new inventions. She's usually the one trying to rein the rest of her family in and urging them to "look before they leap."
  • Ginji's mother originally sent him to keep an eye on his grandfather. Rather than what she intended, Ginji becomes interested in his grandfather's work and starts helping him and the others out instead. (Carrying tools and boxes back and forth, etc) His enthusiasm later influences Noelle into helping out with their flight experiments as well.
  • Receiving a wrench from his grandfather was supposedly "the mark of a man". Even though Ginji could barely lift it at the time.
  • Ginji was very fond of Tamara, as she out of the three would most often take the time to explain things to him about their projects that he didn't understand.
  • Ginji received his bluejay jacket on his twentieth birthday, for his coming-of-age party. The patch was made by his mother.
  • Ginji's only ever been on casual dates before, never anything long-term.

  • In canon Ginji uses "oira" which is a country bumpkinish way to say "I". It doesn't really translate into English so much. Instead, when he is speaking in a relaxed or animated way, he will sometimes take verbal shortcuts by shortening words or sentences. (ie. things like "I'd've, it'd've) When being polite, he'll use "ma'am" and "sir". With Asch he still uses Mr. Asch (Asch-san) as a sign of respect. This extends to Noir (Ms. Noir) somewhat because he thinks of her as being very worldly and she's kind of intimidating when she's angry. I've dropped it for everyone else - Ginji prefers calling people by their first names whenever it's appropriate. He struggles a bit with Ion because he knows he should probably be showing more reverence for him. (Also he'd be prone to using Van -> General Van, Natalia -> Princess Natalia, Peony -> Emperor Peony.)
  • Ginji has a tendency to stand by and absorb what's going on when there's a large group of people or something important is being discussed. He will insert his own opinion, though, if he feels strongly enough or is unsure about something.
  • Ginji likes being around people. Even if he's not involved in a conversation, he prefers when other people are around.
  • When speaking, Ginji will often make gestures with his hands (turning over a palm, thumbing, pointing or waving at a particular something, shrugging his shoulders, giving a thumbs-up, etc) or change position.
  • If Ginji is upset or bothered about something, he'll often go in search of extra work and chores to do to keep his mind off it. Ginji rarely lashes out or gets outwardly angry (though he does have his moments), choosing to sort out his personal problems and feelings internally. Occasionally he'll approach a friend about the subject, if he feels comfortable enough discussing it. He would sometimes talk about things of this nature with Noir.
  • Ginji finds it difficult to concentrate in a quiet environment, so he often leaves open a window or works on his projects outside. If a room is silent, Ginji will feel compelled to talk to fill the void. (This is because the sounds of clicking gears, humming engines, and running water were constant in Sheridan.)
  • As a pilot, Ginji has good eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, and spatial awareness. He's in good health and can react in a crisis.
  • Despite an extensive knowledge of aviation and fontech, Ginji's not exceptionally intelligent (he's about on average). Unlike his grandfather, Ginji did not attend the Kimlascan Royal Academy and therefore has had a more modest upbringing and education.

  • Ginji has no particular devotion to the Score or the Order of Lorelei. He believes that everyone should be allowed to live their lives in the way they see fit, and that prosperity comes through hard work and cooperation, and not necessarily by following a particular path. Regarding death, he believes that a person's spirit continues to exist in some manner [to do as it pleases], and that it might vary from person to person

  • Part of the reason Ginji's able to tolerate Asch so well (which is also implied in the game) is because Iemon and Asch had some similar personality traits. Iemon was stubborn and often would avoid acknowledging that Ginji was in the hangar unless there was something he needed to do. (And we see this too, when the Albiore crashes he acts like he's more concerned about the hover drive and the airship and says nothing about Ginji.)
  • Ginji found out a number of plot points from the Dark Wings, such as details about what was going on off-ship, what Luke, Noelle, and the others were doing, etc.
  • Ginji would typically always say "good luck" or "welcome back" whenever Asch (and possibly the Dark Wings) left or returned from what they were doing. He still does it most of the time.

  • Having grown up in the desert highlands, Ginji consumes a lot of water. He'll also drink coffee and/or tea, and isn't against the occasional trip to the bar.
  • Ginji is a fairly inexperienced (though non-lethal!) cook - he doesn't cook often, and usually only simple things like soups, salads and sandwiches. Over the past few months he's been trying to get better at it.
  • Ginji isn't the greatest housekeeper either. His chores at home were usually limited to his own laundry, general repairs, and sweeping sand off the floors.
  • On the other hand, the Albiore III's cockpit is most likely spotless. He prided himself on maintaining the airship whenever they stopped for a while and keeping it in excellent working condition.
  • Ginji's only confirmed phobia is a fear of being trapped/drowning underwater with no way out. He doesn't mind swimming or wading in the ocean so long as he isn't stuck under the surface for a long time. He's an average swimmer, but not great - he doesn't swim often.
  • Ginji isn't too great with animals unless he receives some kind of instruction. They're obviously not machines or people so when it comes to taking care of them he's at a near-complete loss.
  • On the other hand, he's fascinated by animals and monsters that can fly - birds, bats, insects, etc.
  • Under no circumstances expect him to keep a houseplant alive.
  • Ginji can sleep just about anywhere at any time of day, even sitting in a chair. When stretched out on a bed, he'll often fold his hands behind his head and fall asleep like that.
  • Ginji pulls all-nighters on a regular basis and can go for a few days without much sleep.

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