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Need Ginji for something? That's what this post is for!

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{In today's episode Ginji can be found refilling a metal dish suspended from a tree with seed and peanuts. If you guessed "bird feeder", give yourself ten points! After making sure the feeder's still attached securely to its branch, Ginji will make himself comfortable on the lawn and pull out his journal. He'll sit there for a while, enjoying the fresh air and the milder weather, before starting a new entry.]

Hey everyone. So...what's it like for you back home? Do you come from a large family or a small one? Have you set out on your own or still live with your parents? Got any siblings? Kids?

I'd like to know.

[After the voice post is finished, he'll spend the next few hours watching any animals that might wander over to the feeder and run through a few sketches of different wing shapes.]
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[Up, down, up, down. That's the way wings are supposed to work, right?]

[Grandpa said something like that. About how the top of a wing curves and the bottom's straight to create a difference in air pressure. And lift. Flying. Airfoils and angles of attack. The weird book said something like that, too, but he can't read all the words. There's some pictures though. It's sitting open a few feet away.]

[The boy (about age five) peers down over the top of a large hill. It's a long way down, but heights aren't scary at all. The only tricky part is he still doesn't get all this 'Luceti stuff'. He's never seen it on any map (is it on the other side of the Highlands?), and despite all the new sights (gardens, nice monsters, nice weather, green grass) and people, he needs to head back home. Mom'll be mad. Really mad! If it wasn't for that, he'd stay and poke around a little longer. It seems like a neat place. Maybe he can come back.]

[Up, down, up, down, up! What'll everyone think of these? Two blue wings right on his back. Like a bird's.]

[Ginji squats close to the ground, flapping as hard as he can. It's a long hill. Surely it'll be enough time to get them working okay. He chews his lower lip, pulling a pair of goggles down over his eyes (you're supposed to wear those!), and takes a deep breath.]

Rocket Tower, this is S'erra Hotel Echo-- Um... Roger Iemon Delta Alf-Nova Zero Zero One! Preflight check complete! All systems are normal and green! Ah, er...well okay maybe they're not green 'zactly but they're all doing okay! Wind? Check! Wings flapping? Check and double check! Lunch? Sandwich! Ready for takeoff!!

[Jumping up a little, Ginji stretches his arms and legs out, still flapping determinedly.] Readyyyyyy??? Are you, are you? Okay! Go!!!

[And there he goes, running down the hill. Down, down, down, faster faster faster fasterfasterfast--]


[[OOC: Voice responses will be delayed. And with anything written, lack of kiddie words means he won't be able to make heads or tails out of it. Replies from [personal profile] albioreiii.]]
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Hey! It's been pretty hot out this week. [Ginji says this and yet, judging from his cheerful tone, the heat doesn't seem to be bothering him much at all.] If anyone likes ice cream, I've finally got her up and running. I expect there's plenty to go around, though, I should probably warn you it's nothing fancy.

[Of course, that doesn't mean you can't bring your own toppings and turn this homemade dairy product into some fancy shmancy dessert!]

Either way, I promise it's cold.

[So why is he doing this? Because he wants to, and because it's fun. Building things is always fun, especially now that he's got a little more leisure time. Just don't ask about his next project...that one'll be a doozy.]

[Should you choose to hunt this guy out, you'll find him not far from the smithy, seated on a stool beside a sizeable wood and metal contraption. Meet Chione (Version 1.02)! Isn't she a looker? Well, she might be if you're into watching cranks turn and gears mesh. The machine even makes a nice, conversational clicking sound as the components rotate and pass over one another. It took a lot of junk parts. And of course, as advertised, there's ice cream. Cool, huh?]
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I thought I should let all of you know. Noelle's disappeared.

But I don't think it was a kidnapping. At least, I haven't found any signs. It's just that she and her things have turned up missing. And anyway, if she were around, she'd probably tell us not to worry about her.

[Your friendly neighborhood pilot can be found sitting outside Community Housing Building 4 with a writing pad on his knee, pencil idly tapping a heavily scribbled page. He seems to be judging the distance between his window and the nearest tree. This can't be good.]
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[Sawing metal, hammering it into the proper shape, and then welding it together has become second nature, and the work here is actually more pleasant than the long hours spent installing rivets and checking plugs in Sheridan's overheated hangar. But these days Ginji is working on something very different as a side project. One might find him seated on a bench, deeply focused as he strings together a series of tubes. Or one might hear a tinkling metallic sound from a little ways off as Ginji checks to be sure his current work is properly balanced.]

Hey. I was wondering if anyone has any old or broken appliances and furniture they were thinking about getting rid of? That you don't mind being taken apart and scrapped, I mean. You won't even have to haul it away.

See, I've been working on wind chimes for the Starfish Festival, and I think I could get some more done in time - the only problem is I'm almost out of scrap metal.
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I've been wondering about this for a while now, but what else does everyone normally do in the wintertime? Besides going sledding, shoveling snow, and finding new ways to keep warm, I mean.
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[It's early morning, and Ginji's got the window thrown wide open and a warm jacket tossed on over his pajamas. No cold and no snow is going to stop him! He's been trying out the present he got from Luke, but his bedroom just isn't big enough - not with all the shelves and charts he's begun to accumulate. So Ginji props his elbows on the sill, working the controls as a small toy helicopter sails up and out over the lawn in its first proper test flight.]

[This is all still pretty new to him and he hasn't gotten the hang of it just yet. Two switches and a few buttons are far different from a full-sized panel, control column, and stick. There aren't even any pedals to work with, so steering is a bit of a challenge, too. And then there's the design: it's got an unusual sort of rotor coming out of the top, and skids instead of retractable landing gear. But toy or no toy, Ginji is determined to figure out how it all works! Maybe he can even build some of his own and start a miniature fleet.]

[Unfortunately, the weather isn't on his side. He'll ease one of the switches backward and the helicopter will hover higher, rocking in the winter wind, before starting to lose altitude. Uh oh.]

Ah...! She stalled.

[[OOC: P.S. If you're walking nearby, please beware of crashing incoming aircraft.]]
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Hello everyone. For those I haven't gotten the chance to meet yet, I'm Ginji. I wanted to apologize for the trouble I've caused this past week, and to thank you all for looking after my sister and me. We're grateful for your help.

[A thoughtful pause, and what sounds like pages being flipped through.] So I've been wondering, are there any other craftsmen or engineers in Luceti? Pilots? I figure if our worlds are different, then our technologies must be too. There's a lot we could learn from each other.
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Let me know what you think of Ginji! If you have any tips or suggestions, that would be great too, since there isn't much out there for him and I'd like to continue developing him as I go.

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Feel free to contact me by whatever means work for you if you have questions, concerns, ideas, or would like to plot with me. Contact info can be found in numerous locations, and PMs are also fine. It doesn't matter if I've played with you before or not, if I'm in a game with you or not, go ahead and hit me up!

AIM: Platinum Ryou
E-mail: nightcrossed[at]gmail[dot]com
Plurk: circadia
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Skype: Ask me for it!
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