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Permissions Meme

What species is your character? Human.

Would other characters be able to sense your character's species? Yes.

Is there anything strange in your character's blood, DNA, etc that other characters might be able to sense? Nope, nothing notably strange or unique! He's just an average human, albeit all people from Auldrant have fonons comprising parts of their bodies (it's in their blood, etc) and a unique fonon frequency.

What does your character's soul look like?/What color is your character's soul? I'm going to be unoriginal and say blue since we're on a theme here. It's a very cool, calm color that suggests the sky, right?

Is it possible to read anything from your character's soul? Ginji is pretty much an open book if you ask, but yeah, sure! The overall picture would be that of a person who likes being around people and discovering and trying out new things. He's interested in how things work and how others feel, and he doesn't mind working hard or working together with other people. He's also a bit of a free spirit. And he loves flying, of course.

Does your character have an ability that others might be able to sense? Nope.

Is your character surrounded by something else that might somehow 'stick'? Nu-uh.

Can your character's thoughts be read? If your character has that ability, then yes.

Is it possible to communicate with your character through telepathy? See above.

Is it possible to see what your character is doing through psychic powers? See above.

Is it possible to sense your character's location somehow? Look up.

Is it possible to sense your character's emotions? Yes. He's fairly easy to understand anyhow, although Ginji tends to rein in any emotions that might hurt those around him. That is, he doesn't usually have angry outbursts or show signs of deep grief. A person might be able to sense that these feelings run deeper than he typically lets on.

Does your character have any mental walls or defenses up? He tries to stay focused on the job at hand and not let his feelings interfere (though less successfully than his sister), so I imagine, for example, the Sheridan Massacre and the Tower of Rem episode are things he's put a mental wall around so he doesn't dwell on how awful and frightening the whole ordeal was or how angry he is that it happened.

Can your character be mind-controlled? Yes, but ask permission first.

How do you feel about 4th wall breaking? I'm okay with it as long as it doesn't result in a ton of "secret" information being revealed.

Is there something specific that you don't want anyone to know about your character? Can't think of anything.

How do you feel about threadjacking? It's okay with me. If you're unsure, just ask.

What about spamming your posts? Uh, if you're deliberately trying to get a point across IC it's fine, but please no 50+ combos that will flood my inbox. X_X!!

How about sudden action threads? Fine with me! Ginji's pretty action-oriented, so I expect a lot of these.

Backtagging? GO AHEAD!! I ENCOURAGE AND WELCOME IT! I generally tag a thread until a) it's "complete", b) it gets dropped by the other person, or c) I get stuck and can't think of anything else to respond with. So never fear. I've threaded things up to five months old and have tagged things over a month later, so if there is something you WANT TO KEEP GOING, go ahead. Or let me know and I'll help you out. :3b

Can your character be imprisoned? Explain why/why not/when is appropriate. Yep. Just yep.

Is it okay to approach you about hacking private threads? Alternatively, how technologically gifted is your character? It's okay to approach me about it! Ginji is a bit of a machine nerd, so he's probably fairly good with hacking and encrypting messages depending on what sort of system is used. I won't say he's an expert, though, because the thing he's "pro" at is piloting. Also he's not the type of person who'd hack your discussions unless it was like...critically important.

Has your character died before? Can other characters pick up on this? He has not died yet, but it's possible in his canon for him to have died during the Megiorra Highlands/Hover Drive sidequest.

Is it okay to kill your character, given the proper discussion/circumstances?
I'd be willing to at least discuss it.

Experimentation on your character?
Well...I play him at Luceti so this is kind of a given. If you had something else in mind, just ask me about it.

Affection, touchy-feely, shipping, etc?
Are fine. I am generally not a fan of anything NSFW, but he would likely take friendly hugs and brofists and snuggles and things very well. Flirting, sure. And for the record, Ginji's completely up for grabs in the shipping department, though I can't imagine who'd want him. |D

Trolling your character?

Feel free to contact me by whatever means work for you if you have questions, concerns, ideas, or would like to plot with me. Contact info can be found in numerous locations, and PMs are also fine. It doesn't matter if I've played with you before or not, if I'm in a game with you or not, go ahead and hit me up!

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