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[It's early morning, and Ginji's got the window thrown wide open and a warm jacket tossed on over his pajamas. No cold and no snow is going to stop him! He's been trying out the present he got from Luke, but his bedroom just isn't big enough - not with all the shelves and charts he's begun to accumulate. So Ginji props his elbows on the sill, working the controls as a small toy helicopter sails up and out over the lawn in its first proper test flight.]

[This is all still pretty new to him and he hasn't gotten the hang of it just yet. Two switches and a few buttons are far different from a full-sized panel, control column, and stick. There aren't even any pedals to work with, so steering is a bit of a challenge, too. And then there's the design: it's got an unusual sort of rotor coming out of the top, and skids instead of retractable landing gear. But toy or no toy, Ginji is determined to figure out how it all works! Maybe he can even build some of his own and start a miniature fleet.]

[Unfortunately, the weather isn't on his side. He'll ease one of the switches backward and the helicopter will hover higher, rocking in the winter wind, before starting to lose altitude. Uh oh.]

Ah...! She stalled.

[[OOC: P.S. If you're walking nearby, please beware of crashing incoming aircraft.]]


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