Aug. 13th, 2012

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[Up, down, up, down. That's the way wings are supposed to work, right?]

[Grandpa said something like that. About how the top of a wing curves and the bottom's straight to create a difference in air pressure. And lift. Flying. Airfoils and angles of attack. The weird book said something like that, too, but he can't read all the words. There's some pictures though. It's sitting open a few feet away.]

[The boy (about age five) peers down over the top of a large hill. It's a long way down, but heights aren't scary at all. The only tricky part is he still doesn't get all this 'Luceti stuff'. He's never seen it on any map (is it on the other side of the Highlands?), and despite all the new sights (gardens, nice monsters, nice weather, green grass) and people, he needs to head back home. Mom'll be mad. Really mad! If it wasn't for that, he'd stay and poke around a little longer. It seems like a neat place. Maybe he can come back.]

[Up, down, up, down, up! What'll everyone think of these? Two blue wings right on his back. Like a bird's.]

[Ginji squats close to the ground, flapping as hard as he can. It's a long hill. Surely it'll be enough time to get them working okay. He chews his lower lip, pulling a pair of goggles down over his eyes (you're supposed to wear those!), and takes a deep breath.]

Rocket Tower, this is S'erra Hotel Echo-- Um... Roger Iemon Delta Alf-Nova Zero Zero One! Preflight check complete! All systems are normal and green! Ah, er...well okay maybe they're not green 'zactly but they're all doing okay! Wind? Check! Wings flapping? Check and double check! Lunch? Sandwich! Ready for takeoff!!

[Jumping up a little, Ginji stretches his arms and legs out, still flapping determinedly.] Readyyyyyy??? Are you, are you? Okay! Go!!!

[And there he goes, running down the hill. Down, down, down, faster faster faster fasterfasterfast--]


[[OOC: Voice responses will be delayed. And with anything written, lack of kiddie words means he won't be able to make heads or tails out of it. Replies from [personal profile] albioreiii.]]


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